The Definition of a Money Boss

Money Boss - Someone who utilizes their cash and resources to create the vision they have in thier mind
Money Bosses are the entrepreneurs and creatives of this fly generation that's changing the culture. It's the young man who is building the business that has a great impact our lives. It's the young woman who fixed her credit and understands the importance of innovation. It's those group of people from the culture who invested into crypto, AirBnb, Turo ,Fashion, etc., and whatever else is necessary to become first generation millionaires.

If you have been sleep for the passed few years and didn't know, there has been a shift in the world. Young men and women aren't playing by the rules anymore. Instead of waiting for people to discover our talents, and give us our due, we are taking it. Instead of crying about what isn't going on in our community, and what we don't have, we are creating products and services for us. I mean, why would we? Those other people don't understand our DNA. That's actually how Money Bosses was started.

As we were walking through the mall, we went from store to store, seeing that they would sell us low quality products for a ridiculous amount. If you go to your typical neighborhood mall, you will see that we typically don't get offered quality fashion. Most of the items that they have in those stores look outdated and like they came straight out of the discount mall.

I mean, for people who make millions of dollars off of our culture, it looks like they will have some decency to serve us properly. But instead of whining and complaining about it, I created my own brand, a quality brand that stood for something. I knew how I wanted to dress, look and feel. And, I know that it's millions of black entrepreneurs out here who feel exactly like me.

So now that we have the ball in our hand, I think that it is time for a major change. Money Bosses isn't only about black designer fashion, but it's about entrepreneurship. It is about bringing awareness to the tools and resources that we have, to create generation of wealth. We are here to inspire and motivate the young bosses all over. We are the young bosses of the community and leaders who who are becoming 1st generation millionaires. Money Bosses Association. Let's Get It!!!